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Brain Exercises To Get Mentally Fit: 6 Habits To Keep Your Mind Sharp…

Brain Exercises To Get Mentally Fit: 6 Habits To Keep Your Mind Sharp…

Brain Exercises To Get Mentally Fit: 6 Habits To Keep Your Mind Sharp With Everyday Tasks

Everyone’s looking for ways to get smart quickly. It seems impossible, probably because achieving any goal is often a matter of a large number of baby steps.

But you can boost your brainpower by adding simple habits to your daily routine. When you exercise your mental activity, your brain produces new neurons, sharpening your mind and strengthening your memory. Below are a few habits you can introduce into your daily life in order to boost your brainpower.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

This probably goes without saying, but making sure you’re getting enough sleep is crucial to keeping your mind in top shape. Though the relationship between memory, sleep, and learning isn’t fully researched, most scientists agree that a full night’s rest is one of the best things to do before learning or memorizing things. During the memory process, the brain goes through several functions: acquisition, or when the brain obtains new information; consolidation, or the stabilizing of a memory, and recall, which involves accessing the information after storing it. Research has shown that consolidation often takes place during sleep, when our brains make neural connections that form memories.

Not getting enough sleep is going to leave you sluggish and forgetful, and it will make all these other brainpower habits seem really difficult or impossible. According to Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine, lack of proper sleep “affects mood, motivation, judgment, and our perception of events.” So be sure to get those seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

Journaling by Hand

Taking the time to disconnect from your digital distractions can help focus your mind, though it may take a while at first. Remember what it felt like to sit and read for three hours without distraction, and feel that deep and satisfying feeling of being entirely absorbed by a book? It’s important to practice this scenario on a daily basis in order to preserve your concentration abilities. One good way to do that is to sit down and journal daily. Not only will it help you focus, but writing has been shown to help clear the mind, almost in a self-therapy sort of way.

In addition, hand-writing itself has been shown to help sharpen our minds. Since hand-writing involves making strokes to create letters, rather than just touching an identical key, it activates certain regions of our brains that are involved in memory and language.

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