My Q Health | Hate the Gym? 11 Crazy Alternatives to Get in Shape
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Hate the Gym? 11 Crazy Alternatives to Get in Shape

Hate the Gym? 11 Crazy Alternatives to Get in Shape

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And here I used to think I was trendy. Who knew I was so completely out of it?

When it comes to physical fitness, I’ve always opted for the tried, true and traditional. I’m perfectly happy with my light weight-training and a good jog in the park. The weight-training makes me feel buff and invigorated and the running helps me clear my head and get my heart rate going.

But apparently I’ve been missing out on a whole new wave of inventive, fun and sometimes hilarious workout routines — from “aerial yoga” to “booty ballet!” I had no idea that hula hoops were back, and I certainly didn’t know that bouncing across the room like a kangaroo — on “jumping shoes,” no less — would earn me anything but strange stares.

And those are just a few of the unusual new fitness trends that have workout enthusiasts across the country twisting, twirling and bounding their way to better bodies and better health.

Of course, fitness crazes are nothing new. Ever since Jane Fonda released her hit workout series in the ’80s, experts have been inventing new ways to get in shape. Sometimes it’s just a matter of modifying an existing sport into a fitness routine — like spinning, boxing or rock climbing — but other times the ideas are a little more creative.

So, if traditional workouts have run their course for you, take a look at some of the more unusual fitness trends we found that are inviting folks to have a little fun while breaking a sweat. Who knows? Maybe one of these workouts could be your ticket to fitness.

See you at trapeze school!

Reach New Heights
If you’ve always dreamt of being in Cirque de Soleil, trapeze classes are your chance to unleash your inner circus star. Indoor and outdoor trapeze schools are popping up throughout the country for those who want to learn how to flip and fly. Most beginner classes start out with basic moves taught on the ground before moving to the skies. And, aside from being super fun, it’s a fantastic way to target your upper and lower bodies, particularly your lats and shoulders, and carve out your core muscles.
Tone With A Playground Favorite
If you haven’t picked up a hula hoop since your playground days, now’s the time to add it to your fitness routine. Incorporating a weighted hula hoop will tone your thighs, abs, glutes and arms — and burn about 200 calories in 30 minutes. Pick up a hula DVD or just crank up your favorite music and get your hips moving.
Pole Positions
No, this isn’t about heels and lingerie — it’s about working out. Whatever you may feel about the explosion of the pole dance industry in recent years, classes in the highly athletic dance form have, in fact, become all the rage for women who want an acrobatic, fun workout that strengthens and tones. The women-only classes combine dance moves with pole tricks involving suspension and stretching — the dance portion gets the heart pumping as a cardio workout, while doing tricks on the pole strengthens your upper and lower body, especially your core.
Hang Ten Without Hitting The Water
If you don’t want to paddle into the ocean but still want that lean surfer body, indoor surfing classes are the answer. A surfboard is balanced on three exercise boards while you use your core to mimic real surfing movements and then mix them with cardio bursts to burn fat. You’ll improve balance, define muscles and you won’t even need sunblock.
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